Situation Of The Hospital
Situation Of The Hospital

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Brief Introduction of the Hospital
Author: admin  Release date: 2017/12/22 5:07:31

        Xi’an Central Hospital, founded in 1952, which was formerly known as affiliated hospital of Ministry of Health of the Northwest military and administrative committee. At present, it is the biggest municipal hospital with the most complete service project as well as a grade three comprehensive hospital combining medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care, etc as a whole.
       Since the establishment of the hospital 65 years ago, we always adhere to the public property of public hospitals. We finished all kinds of work with excellent results such as medical teaching, clinical scientific research, health rehabilitation, health support agriculture and disaster relief. We have been recognized by the departments at all levels and praised by the broad masses of the people. We have received the "advanced unit of national spiritual civilization construction work", "national health advanced unit", "national occupational health advanced collective", "national economical public institutions demonstration unit" and many other awards.
       Our hospital located in the bustling area of Xi’an North Street, which has 1000 beds with serial numbers. About 750,000 patients are treated as well as more than 35,000 patients are received and cured in the hospital annually. Now we have 1955 staffs, including 353 technical personnels with senior title of professional, 316 masters, 62 doctors. Among them, there are 38 Ph.D students and 11 experts who enjoy special allowance of the State Council and awarded the city’s outstanding contribution title. 
Our hospital has 23 administrative function departments, 52 clinical, medical technology departments. The occupational disease department is the specialized advantage department of Shaanxi province. Neurology, gastroenterology and imaging departments are the key departments of Xi’an. Hematology, cardiology, burns orthopaedic, neurosurgery, occupational disease department and ultrasonography are the specialized advantage departments of Xi’an. Occupational disease department, ultrasonography and hematology are “chemical poisoning treatment base of Shaanxi province”, “prenatal ultrasound screening center of Shaanxi province”, “blood institute of Xi’an”. Clinical image quality control center of Xi’an, Hospital infection quality control center of Xi’an, digestive endoscopy quality control center of Xi’an and clinical laboratory quality control center of Xi’an are also set up in our hospital.
       The installation of the first three chamber pacemaker of Shaanxi province was finished in our hospital. Our hospital is the first hospital in Xi’an which has techniques such as cardiac operation, liver transplantation, heart bypass surgery, heart intervention operation, reattachment surgery, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, blood purification, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, etc. Major refractory disease treatment such as acute or chronic respiratory failure, cardiac failure, acute or chronic disease of the digestive tract, kidney failure and so on has reached advanced level in Shaanxi province. Minimally invasive technology, which includes laparoscope, electronic gastroscope, electronic bronchoscope, arthroscope and so on, has become special technology of each related discipline. Diagnosis and treatment of tumor, ultrasound, radiodiagnosis, etc have listed in advanced level of the same industries. In recent 5 years, we have won 13 National Natural Science Foundation of China and we undertook more than 100 provincial and municipal research projects.
       Our hospital is now the affiliated hospital of Xi 'an jiaotong university medical school, the Teaching Hospital of Fourth Military Medical University, the Teaching Hospital of Xi 'an jiaotong university medical school, the Teaching Hospital of Yan’an university medical school as well as national resident standardization training base. We assume the task of foreign medical support. The hospital is also a designated foreign hospital in Shaanxi Province.
       Our hospital has modern diagnostic equipments such as ultra-high-end X-ray tomography equipment(128 rows of 256 CT), full digital magnetic resonance imaging system 3.0T MRI, high-end flat plate cardiovascular imaging system(DSA), emission computed tomography(ECT) system, heart, abdomen, obstetrics and obstetrics, four-dimensional maximum color Doppler ultrasonography, C-arm X-ray machine, digestive ultrasound endoscopy, digital flat breast machine.
       In recent years, our hospital always adhere to the development strategy of "establishing hospital with learning, building hospital with quality, developing hospital with specialty and managing hospital with law", and the purpose of "patients’ life, health and satisfaction above all". We carry out work closely around the principle of "taking patients as the center, medical quality as the core". By theme activities such as "high quality nursing service demonstration project", "three Goods and one satisfication", "creating peace hospital", "plan of further improve the medical service action", we improve the people's hospital experience, and hospital infrastructure actively, optimize the treatment process, implement the core system of medical quality and safety strictly, promote the high quality nursing service actively, and the hospital medical quality, security level and the service ability to improve continuously.
      In the future, our hospital will carry out the concept of "reform, innovation and development", adhere to the principle of serving the people and contributing to the society, as well as the combination of talent leadership, technological progress and connotation development. We will work hard to build regional medical centers with high levels of diagnostic skill and service with world vision and international standard. We will constantly meet the people's new requirements for medical services and healthy living, and make due contributions to the construction of a healthy China.

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