Situation Of The Hospital
Situation Of The Hospital

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Honor of the Hospital
Author:admin  Release date:2017-12-23
In 2003, the hospital was named as the civilized unit of Shaanxi province by the Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, and was awarded the advanced basic party organization by the municipal health bureau.
In 2004, the hospital was awarded as spiritual civilization construction demonstration unit of Xi’an by the city civilized committee.
In 2005, the hospital was awarded as “Advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction work throughout the country” by the central civilized committee.
In 2006, the hospital was awarded the honorary title of “advanced basic party organization” by the Organization Department of Municipal Committee and the party committee of munipal health bureau.
Our hospital was awarded the best unit of the enhancement construction and "praise and criticism" by Shaanxi health department for continuous years.
Hospital union, Youth League committee and nursing department were awarded as “advanced trade union organization of national general system” respectively.
The "May 4th" red flag youth corps committee of Shaanxi province.
“Women’s civilization Kong of nursing professional national health system”
6 national, provincial and municipal “Youth civilization” collective


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