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Infections department will carry out FibroTouch testing from now
Author:xaszxyy  Release date:2017-12-31

        Cirrhosis is the result of a long time progressive damage of a variety of chronic liver disease, and is the qualitative change of liver when fibrosis develops to a certain degree. Cirrhosis can not be reversed. However, fibrosis of chronic liver patients without cirrhosis can be reversed after active treatment. Therefore, the diagnosis of fibrosis is particularly important. Traditional diagnosis of fibrosis and judge of fibrosis degree are mainly depend on invasive biopsy technique, which has a certain risk and its result will be influenced by many factors, such as the experience and proficiency of the operator, the length of chosen liver tissue, the weight of liver puncture needle, the blood coagulation function of patients, the experience of pathology doctor, and so on. What’s more, it can only get partial pathological assessment.
        FibroTouch is a new type liver fibrosis noninvasive testing machine. It can judge the fibrosis degree by measuring the hardness of the liver and make accurate grading of liver fibrosis. Compared with type-B ultrasonic, liver elastic instantaneous scanning is easy to handle and quantitative. It has no subjectivity of inspectors. Different operators can get the same result. It is the most accurate non traumatic examination. FibroTouch diasonograph has good diagnosis effect on fibrosis and cirrhosis caused by a variety of chronic liver disease(viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatisis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and autoimmune liver disease). It has replaced liver biopsy gradually. It can also be applied in the inspection and assessment of liver disease in different stages, diagnosis of fatty liver as well as the assessment of illness severity.
FibroTouch can realize quantitative detection of fibrosis, the hardness of liver and liver fatty change. The result is more objective and effective as well as consultable and traceable, which is facilitate to do long-term dynamic tracking and follow-up of patients. The testing time is short, the testing of a patient can be done in ten minutes, which will improve the testing number per unit time. It is more effective, which can realize early screening, early prevention, early diagnosis, early treatment and early rehabilitation of fibrosis. It can be used as the effective tool of early stage detection and diagnosis, as well as the health screening to normal people. It has recognized and clear diagnostic criteria(Europe and China), therefore, its result has more authority and comparability.
FibroTouch detection has the following superiorities:
1. It can make the diagnosis and treatment lever of our hospital to reach a new stage. By detecting the fibrosis degree of chronic hepatitis, we can decide whether the patients can take antiviral therapy, especially those whose hepatic transaminase is normal or lightly abnormal, however, their HBV-DNA is obviously high.
2. We can provide non traumatic examination for patients, know the fibrosis degree of different liver diseases () in time and accurately. So that we can take related methods and prevent the illness to turn to liver cirrhosis.
3. The machine can make quantitative determination and degree classification for fatty liver patients, which is good for the guidance of treatment and prevention.
4. It can provide convenience for outpatient and hospitalized patients with liver disease.
5. It is good for the development of clinical and scientific research. They can make related project design by consulting literature.

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